I am a individual interested in becoming a cooperator / worker

I am a private individual and I will come to do my shopping at the La Tribu e-shop (phase 1), then in the Labo-Market (phase 2) and the Supermarket (phase 3).

I agree to work 2 hours 45 minutes per month for the Le Pedalo community

I am therefore taking Class A Shares – Consumer shares at 25 euros per share.

A private individual can subscribe to a maximum of 200 A shares, i.e. 5,000 euros in capital.

I will have one vote at the General Assembly

I represent a legal entity

 I represent a legal entity (company or association) wishing to become an effective category “B” member of the « Le Pédalo SC cooperative ».

 Category B shares are intended for legal entities wishing to invest.  To this end, they must meet the following conditions: share the values ​​of the cooperative and enter into a partnership agreement with Le Pedalo Supermarket.

 I will have one vote at the General Assembly

Each legal entity can subscribe for a maximum of 33 B shares, ie 4,950 euros in capital.

I am a private individual or a legal entity and I want to support the project

Category C shares or Support Share worth 25 euros each are intended for private individuals or legal entity  wishing to support the project with a financial contribution without acting as a consumer.

 This category only gives access to a vote at the General Assembly.

 Those members can subscribe to a maximum of 20 C shares, ie 5,000 euros in capital.