Work Shifts

Each Cooperator of the Pedalo Supermarket devotes 2 hours and 45 minutes of his/her time per month to actual hands-on work for the cooperative.
It is possible to choose from different roles depending on individual preferences and abilities. Some shifts can be done remotely: encoding invoices, running information meetings, organizing, shifts, etc. To find out more and register for these shifts, send an email directly to .

Order processing

– 4 people per team
– Preparation of packages
– Order verifications

Friday from 4pm to 6:45pm

Order delivery

– 4 people per team
– Package delivery to incoming membre
– Storage room management

Friday from 5pm to 6:45pm in Etterbeek

Saturday from 9:45am to 12:30pm  in Etterbeek

The summary of all the dates of all the shifts up to the end of 2021 can be accessed by clicking here.


In addition to the role chosen, each cooperator must choose a “team” which will determine the exact timetable for his/her shifts.

The dates indicated below correspond to the distribution schedules for Saturday orders. The shifts will always take place on Fridays for order processing or on Saturdays and Mondays for order deliveries.

All dates of all work shifts of 2021 are available here.The summary of all the dates of all the shifts up to the end of 2021 can be accessed by clicking here.

For example, a cooperator who chooses Order processing in Team C, will work on Friday January 22 from 4 p.m. to 6.45 p.m. but also on Friday February 19 in the same time slot, etc. The more cooperators there will be in Le Pédalo, the more the shifts will be spread out over time..

Choose your shift

The different work teams

Membership office

  • Organizes the work of the members (eg: manage shifts, allocation of shifts to members of the WG’s)
  • Is responsible for following up on potential new members (eg responding to e-mails, requesting information)

 WG products

  • Chooses the products,
  • Sets prices,
  • Manages orders and the stocks


 WG Legal and finance :

  • Provides supports for the Administrative Body with financial resources management, the drafting of a provisional annual budget and in the organization of the General Assemblies,
  • Searches for subsidies and follows the relevent procedures required ,
  • Drafts the Rules Of Procedures & follows up on the potential proposals for modifications of the statutes.
  • Ensures a legal and tax watch in conjunction with the accountant (eg tax shelter, data protection);
  • Takes care of contract management (eg: rent, utilities, etc.) and
  • Accounting


 WG communication

  • Establishes a communication strategy (graphic charter, overall management),
  • Manages social networks (Facebook & Instagram) as well as the website
  • Manages advertising campaigns,
  • Oversees of the recruitment of new members,
  • Drafts and publishes presentation leaflets (digital, paper) and
  • Organizes presentation events for the cooperative


 WG training and internal workings

  • Provides information within the cooperative (content),
  • Organizes meetups for members ,
  • Provides training for new members and organizes their schedule
  • Develops educational tools (eg: super-cooperator’s manual) and designates mentors for new members


WG store site management

  • Finds and manages a suitable site for the activity of the cooperative,
  • Determines the layout of this site and
  • Discusses the potential futur improvements to that layout


 WG tools

  • Determines the choice of software and
  • Provides tech (IT) support (eg issues with card payment terminals)


 WG recruitment

  • Coordinates recruitment activities for new cooperators
  • Coordinates events and organizes attendance at external events as a mean of recruitment of new cooperators
  • Manages the Members-Get-Members program
  • Sets up in-person meetings (+ flyers) with potential cooperators